‘Shine a Light on Slavery Day’ Calls Attention to Scourge of Modern-Day Slavery

This week, celebrities, athletes and faith leaders alike painted bold red X’s on their hands as they took part in the END IT Movement, a global campaign to raise awareness about the scourge of modern-day slavery.

To that end, hundreds of thousands of these ‘Freedom Fighters’ took part in Thursday’s seventh annual Shine A Light On Slavery Day.

“The END IT Movement has built a global network of Freedom Fighters from all walks of life who are inspiring people to raise their voices and advocate for action in the fight against slavery,” END IT Movement Campaign Director Jenni Brown explained in a press release.

“With the momentum we’ve garnered year after year, we continue to see awareness of these inhumane crimes grow,” she said. “This awareness leads to action where we continue to witness laws changing, bills being passed, and more resources becoming available to not only shine a light on slavery, but also put an end to it.”

Currently, roughly 40.31 million men, women and children worldwide have fallen prey to the slave trade, which takes various forms including bonded labor, forced labor and sex trafficking.

Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission CEO, addressed the matter during Thursday morning’s National Prayer Breakfast.

“Modern slavery is as vast and as brutal as it has ever been, but one thing is new: we now know how to stop it for good,” said Haugen, who Fox News reports was wearing a red X pin.

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Source: CBN