Pastor E.W. Jackson Urges ‘Every Black Voter’ to ‘Stop Voting’ for Virginia Democrats Who Are ‘More Interested in Wearing Blackface Than They Are Interested in Saving Black Babies’

A conservative African-American pastor and former U.S. Senate candidate has denounced Virginia Democrats like Gov. Ralph Northam for their views on abortion, declaring that they “are more interested in wearing blackface than they are interested in saving black babies.”

Northam has had many calls for his resignation for admittedly wearing blackface in a talent competition where he posed as Michael Jackson and did the moonwalk. That revelation was proceeded by his comments last week in support of abortion and apparent support for allowing unwanted babies to die after being born.

Soon after, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a fellow pro-choice Democrat, also admitted to wearing blackface at a college party.

Pastor E.W. Jackson was one of several speakers at a pro-life rally held Thursday morning outside the state capitol building in response to Northam’s recent comments on abortion.

During his remarks before a large crowd of pro-life activists, Jackson declared that “the mask is off, the hypocrisy has been revealed, now we know who they really are.”

“Anybody who is prepared to allow a child to die after that child has been born alive in order to fulfill the plans and purposes of the abortion industry does not deserve to be called a pediatrician,” said Jackson, referencing Northam’s professional background.

“In fact, you don’t deserve to be a governor, either. You deserve to be called a monster.”

Jackson called for Northam to resign from being governor, receiving loud cheers from the audience in response.

“To every black voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia: stop voting for these Democrats who are more interested in wearing blackface than they are interested in saving black babies,” Jackson continued.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Jackson said that he felt obligated to speak at the rally because he was “appalled by the governor’s statement on abortion.”

“I’m pro-life and I wanted to be here to take a stand with others who are pro-life,” said Jackson, who called Northam’s comments “beyond the pale.”

Jackson also told CP that he believed although Northam has, for the time being, refused to resign, the governor’s “standing is ruined.”

“I think he’s done politically. He may decide just to hold on because there is no constitutional mechanism to getting rid of him. But either way, I think he has shifted the political landscape in Virginia,” continued Jackson.

“I think they’ve lost a large swath of black voters who are appalled by the blackface and the racism and now they’re opening up to the fact that abortion disproportionately affects black people and black women.”

Northam’s comments came in defense of a proposed bill named Virginia House Bill 2491, which among other things would remove various state-level regulations of abortion, such as removing a 24-hour waiting period and the mandate that second trimester abortions take place in a hospital setting.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski