We at BCNN1 Ask All Black People to Forgive Liam Neeson for his Sin of Wanting to Kill a Black Man When a Loved One Was Raped by a Black Man

Here are seven reasons.

  1. He divulged this wickedness that popped up in his heart on his own.
  2. Liam Neeson is the favorite actor of the owner’s daughter (Danielle Tekeelah) and is one of the owner’s favorite actors.
  3. If Liam Neeson does another Taken movie, you know all you black people are going to see it.
  4. We shall never forget his phenomenal acting in Schindler’s List
  5. The man has been through hell with the loss of his wife and another family member in recent years on top of this rape
  6. Many black people have had similar feelings in their hearts because of a young black man being killed in their family
  7. Thank God, he didn’t kill anybody.

So, we at BCNN1 ask all black people to forgive ‘my man’ Liam Neeson.

And, Liam, we encourage you to do what an old black woman by the name of Mary Foster said one time: you tell a little and you keep a little to yourself. In other words, stop talking and go make another Taken movie so we can enjoy your God-given talent.


Liam Neeson today denied he was a racist but failed to apologise as he faced the world for the first time since admitting he wanted to kill a random black man after a friend was raped.

The actor, 66, appeared on Good Morning America in New York and revealed he had sought help from a Catholic priest after spending a week prowling the streets with a cosh to murder a ‘black b*****d’.

Neeson said he ‘understood’ the hurt his words had caused but insisted: ‘I’m not racist, this was 40 years ago. I had a primal urge. I was trying to show honour for a friend I dearly loved, in a medieval fashion’.

The star, who was later hugged and kissed by black audience members on the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, said he had gone to church when he became ‘scared’ and realised he had wanted to ‘unleash’ murder on a stranger for his friend, who he said died five years ago.

He said: ‘I did seek help. I went to a priest, who heard my confession’ and also later confided in two friends and would go out powerwalking for ‘two hours a day to get this [anger] out of me’.

GMA host Robins Roberts asked him if he ‘understood the pain of a black person’ hearing his words.

He replied: ‘Absolutely, you’re absolutely right. And at the time, even though this was nearly 40 years ago, I didn’t think about that. It was this primal hatred, I guess, that really shocked me, when I eventually came down to earth and saw what I was doing, looking for a fight’.

When asked how he would feel if his unnamed friend’s attacker was white he said: ‘If he was Irish, a Scot or Brit or a Lithuanian. I know I would have had the same reaction’.

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Source: Daily Mail