‘Freedom Stickers’ Offering Help to Sex Trafficking Victims Could Save a Life

Sex trafficking is a year-round industry that often comes to the forefront at major sporting events – but those times offer prime opportunities to educate the public about the scourge that victimizes both women and men.

Authorities reported on Thursday that 33 people had been arrested in Atlanta on sex trafficking charges ahead of Sunday’s NFL championship game. While declining to discuss the specifics of the case, the authorities added that four victims were rescued from the operation.

Advocates for sex trafficking victims say traffickers are attracted to large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl in Atlanta between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots. However, Nita Belles of In Our Backyard says it’s worse than it sounds.

“Human trafficking, both sex trafficking and labor trafficking, happens 365 days a year in every zip code in the United States. So it’s not just at Super Bowls,” she explains.

The good news? Belles says efforts to combat sex trafficking and raise awareness have improved in recent years. “We have to change what our society thinks about what they call ‘sex work,’ because the majority of what is called sex work is actually human trafficking,” she tells OneNewsNow.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chris Woodward