Virginia Progressive Democrats’ Bill Allowing Abortion Right Up Until Childbirth Fails

Efforts in the Virginia General Assembly to allow abortions up until birth have been turned away – at least for now.

“We have defeated both of the attempts for that type of legislation. [But] they’ll bring them back next year,” warns Victoria Cobb of The Family Foundation of Virginia.

She’s talking about HB 2491, legislation sponsored by Democratic State Delegate Kathy Tran that would remove all existing abortion restrictions in the state and permit abortion up to 40 weeks’ gestation – in other words, right up until birth. The measure has been tabled by the subcommittee, but only by a single vote (5-3).

“For this year, for this moment, that is done,” Cobb continues, “but we want to make sure people are vigilant, because we also have elections here in Virginia. So this fall, people will make decisions about what kind of lawmakers we want to send back to Richmond. I will tell you it’s a difference of about two lawmakers in each body, the House and the Senate, that would have those bills passed.”

Below is a recent exchange between Virginia House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R) and Representative Tran (D), who has just mentioned that the bill allows for abortion through the third trimester:

Gary Bauer of American Values reacts to that exchange:

“By any definition, this is infanticide. And why stop at birth?” he asks. “On what moral basis can the left say that if a mother gets depressed 24 hours later, she can’t change her mind and be allowed to kill her baby then?”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chris Woodward and Jody Brown