Dan Delzell: What Can Christians Today Gain After Studying the Book of Leviticus?


What in the world would Christians today have to gain from studying Old Testament books like Leviticus? After all, the ceremonial law was never intended for use after Christ fulfilled His mission on earth. And since animal sacrifices, sanctuary rituals, and “unclean” food no longer apply to believers today, why bother reading about such archaic practices?

Well, think of it this way. If the God of the universe was planning to send His only Son in order to rescue sinners like you and I, how might He decide to prepare His people for such a monumental sacrifice? How might the Lord decide to teach His people about God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness, and the need for atonement in order to be reconciled to our Creator?

Imagine writing 7 letters to the person you are engaged to marry in less than a year, and then writing 5 more letters over the course of your first 10 years of marriage. Would the first 7 letters still have meaning for your relationship today? Would there be any value in cherishing those early letters for the sake of remembering all that took place as the two of you were falling in love with one another? Or would you only consider the last 5 letters you wrote to be of any importance?

What if God decided to send 39 love letters to His people prior to the official “solemnization” that would take place when His Son walked down the aisle to the altar of the cross? What if the church, which is the bride of Christ, received 39 love letters during the courtship phase, and 27 letters after the marital union was sealed? Would you adore God enough to want to hang on to all of the love letters He sent to His children? Or would you discard the older letters written prior to the official union of Christ and His bride?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Dan Delzell