D.C. School Refuses to Compete at Christian School Where Karen Pence is Teaching Because of Its Stance Against Homosexuality

A K–8 school in the nation’s capital is refusing to play sports at the Christian school where the wife of Vice President Mike Pence teaches, claiming that its “exclusionary polices” not bowing to the LGBTQ agenda make the students feel “unsafe.”

Sheridan School Headmaster Jessica Donovan insisted that despite the fact that her school has competed at Immanuel Christian School – where Second Lady Karen Pence teaches Art – in the past, she will not allow it to continue playing there because it does not accept the lifestyle promoted by the LGBTQ community.

“[ICS’s] exclusionary policies [against the LGBTQ community create an environment] some students did not feel safe entering,” Donavan claimed, according to The Blaze.

Endorse ‘inclusion’ or be excluded

In fact, the head of the progressive Washington, D.C., school – which charges an admission of $36,000 per year – prepared an entire statement outlining why she decided to prohibit her students from stepping foot on the campus where Pence’s wife teaches.

“Along with many of you, we learned last week that Immanuel Christian School – a school in our athletic conference – has a written policy prohibiting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, parents and teachers,” Donovan wrote in her letter obtained by The American Conservative.

She then explained how biblical values on sexuality are not tolerated at her school, as they do not jive with campus politics that openly promote LGBTQ privileges or “rights.”

“Given our school’s fundamental belief in diversity and inclusion as expressed in our diversity statement, this information – and what to do about it – poses obvious challenges,” the letter continues. “Since the majority of students wanted to play, we were initially planning to go to ICS with the student-athletes wearing a statement of support (such as rainbow socks or warm-up jerseys).”

In other words, schools not openly supporting the LGBTQ lifestyle are openly discriminated against at Donovan’s school.

“As we talked more, we understood that some students did not feel safe entering a school that bans LGBTQ parents, students or even families that support LGBTQ rights,” the school leader continued. “Forcing our children to choose between an environment in which they feel unsafe or staying home was not an option.”

She specifically targeted Christian beliefs in her self-described “peaceful and respectful statement” that essentially attacks biblical values as wrong, discriminatory and bigoted.

“We were clear to separate the ideals of Christianity with the policies of this particular school, as we play many Christian schools that support LGBTQ rights,” Donovan added.

It was then pointed out that her school will make a pro-LGBTQ statement when the Christian school comes to her school in the future.

“[Sheridan will still host ICS at home, but students] will wear their rainbow socks in support of LGBTQ rights, [and] some have made banners that respectfully celebrate LGBTW rights [that will be posted when ICS is the visiting team],” Sheridan stressed.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Michael F. Haverluck