Mark Silk: The Good News From India

Christian Medical College, Vellore, India

At a time when the news is mostly bad and getting worse, it’s good to be reminded that there are good things happening in our world.

This morning, WhatsApp delivered the following dispatch from my wife. A radio producer, Tema is traveling in south India with her sister Sarah, niece Adelaide, and sister-in-law Laura, who is writing a book on her Scudder forebears, a family of Dutch Reformed medical missionaries whose work on the subcontinent began 200 years ago this year.

I’ve added a couple of links.

We are now in Vellore, the third largest city in Tamil Nadu and the place where Ida Scudder (known by all as Aunt Ida and utterly venerated) began her clinic. Filthy, noisy, fascinating. Because of the group’s connection to her we are getting VIP treatment and are seeing firsthand her legacy—the vast network of hospitals and clinics that have sprung up. Her picture is everywhere. Statues, etc.

Poor receive state of the art treatment subsidized by the rich. Students train here at the Christian Medical College, where we are staying—a lush and gorgeous campus made up of stone buildings reminiscent to me of Palestine in the 20’s and 30’s—for $400/year. Costs at the hospital are contained by having  an absolute minimum of administrators, all of whom are drs. All Americans should see this.

The hospitals are crammed with people waiting to be seen. 9000/day in Vellore. Something like that. They come with their families from all over the country, and world. Families feed their own if they are admitted.

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Source: Religion News Service