Germany’s Hostility to Homeschooling is Spreading to Other Parts of Europe

The Home School Legal Defense Association says hostile treatment of homeschooling families in Europe isn’t limited to Germany, where one family has fought for the better part of a decade for the right to homeschool their children.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled this month that authorities did not violate Petra and Dirk Wunderlich’s basic rights when they forcibly removed their children from their home. Mike Donnelly of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) says some European countries are intolerant of homeschoolers.

“Most of Europe does have some tolerance or allowance for homeschooling in their laws and regulations,” Donnelly tells OneNewsNow. “And even if they don’t, most countries – even where homeschooling isn’t explicitly allowed – do not treat families who do homeschool with such hostility as Germany, Sweden, and Norway do.”

In an article about the Wunderlichs’ case, Donnelly describes the “grave nature” of the consequences of Germany’s ban on homeschooling.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bob Kellogg