Family of Stephon Clark Sues City of Sacramento and Two Police Officers for $20 Million

Family photograph of Stephan Clark who was holding his cellphone when he was fatally shot Sunday night by two Sacramento police officers who fired at him 20 times, the department said Tuesday. Credit: KXTV

Lawyers for the family of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by police in March 2018, filed a civil rights lawsuit Monday seeking more than $20 million from the city of Sacramento and the two officers at the center of the controversial shooting.

The federal lawsuit follows a wrongful-death claim the family filed against the city in September, alleging battery, negligence, false imprisonment and failure to summon medical attention for the 22-year-old Clark. The family was seeking $35 million in punitive damages: at least $20 million for Clark’s two children and $15 million for his parents and grandparents.

Dale Galipo, the attorney representing Clark’s family in the lawsuit, said the city has not issued its finding as to whether Sacramento Police officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet were within policy or whether they will be disciplined.

“We’re hopeful the city will consider reaching an amicable settlement,” Galipo said.

The lawsuit alleges that Mercadal and Robinet fired 20 rounds at Clark, hitting him at least eight times, including several shots to his back. Clark, who was holding only a cellphone, died at his home in the Meadowview neighborhood.

The lawsuit claims that the officers violated Clark’s constitutional rights and that they were negligent because they failed to identify themselves as police officers and gave no proper warning to Clark about the use of deadly force before firing their guns.

“Plaintiffs have also been deprived of the lifelong love, companionship, comfort, support, society, care and sustenance of [Clark] and will continue to be so deprived for the remainder of their natural lives,” according to the 31-page court document.

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SOURCE: LA Times, Ruben Vives