Pro-Life Groups in Massachusetts Hopeful That Assisted Suicide Bill Will Die Again Before Legalization

Pro-life groups in Massachusetts are hopeful an assisted suicide measure will get no further than it has in the past.

Though rumored to not run for re-election last year, Representative Lou Kafka (D) did so and won, and he has reintroduced a bill to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in The Bay State. Anne Fox of Massachusetts Citizens for Life tells OneNewsNow Kafka did make a small change in the bill this time allowing doctors to opt out of prescribing lethal drugs. They will, however, be responsible for transferring records to doctors who will issue those prescriptions.

“Otherwise it’s quite similar to the basic one that’s out there … so all of the problems of depression, elder abuse — all that sort of thing are not addressed,” Fox laments.

So the bill is about as dangerous as it has been in previous attempts to gain sufficient support for passage. But it has not budged at all in the past.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Charlie Butts