The Gospel Coalition Using Homosexual British Pastor to Advocate for Single-Parent Adoption

The Gospel Coalition is using a same-sex attracted British pastor to deliver a message advocating for single-parent adoption.

The Gospel Coalition is a collection of evangelical heavyweights who speak into the intersection of culture and the gospel. Many fear the former is overtaking the latter. One indication is a new initiative by the Coalition to promote single-parent adoption. They’ve chosen British pastor Sam Allberry to explain their thinking in a video:

Allberry: “A single person may be thinking, Well, I’m just a mom or I’m just a dad and I can’t do the role of both parents. But actually with the support of a wider church family, that child should be growing up in a very, very healthy family context.”

Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland says that’s not only wrong, it’s dangerous. “A little boy, a little girl, they need a mother and a father,” he tells OneNewsNow, “and nothing can take the place of the symbiotic nurturing that a mother and a dad bring to children.”

McFarland wonders if Allberry’s personal life may be influencing his outlook on adoption. Allberry describes himself as a same-sex attracted, celibate Christian.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Steve Jordahl