Shane Idleman: New York Cheers Because We Can Now Kill Our Babies at 9 Months

The so-called Reproductive Health Act in New York passed with thunderous applause in the state Senate chamber.

I could not believe what I was reading: People actually applauded the slaughtering of children. Was I having a dream . . . a nightmare? Was this real?

“Why didn’t someone do something?” Those five words still haunt my thoughts today. Some time ago, I sat speechless as I listened to a man recount his trip to a Holocaust museum with his young daughter. As they walked by photos of the death camps and gas chambers, his daughter silently contemplated the horrors that were unfolding before her eyes.

When the tour ended, they drove home without saying a word. The father wondered if she truly understood the significance of the event. Was she too young to view such depravity? Was she too fragile to cope with the truth of the Holocaust? Would it make a negative impact on her life? Would it leave her fearful and wounded? Would she begin to doubt God?

His questions were answered nearly two hours later when his daughter finally spoke. She looked at her father and asked, “Daddy, why didn’t someone do something?”

Will we hear those same haunting words from our children and grandchildren? Yes! If we fail to contend for what is right, we may see a time in our history when our children will ask, “Why didn’t someone do something?” Sadly, we may not be able to answer.

With rapid-fire changes in a culture saturated by political correctness and relativism, we are inclined to ask, “Is there any hope for America?” If we continue down this slippery slope, there is little hope. Apart from a national spiritual awakening, it will be difficult to turn the Titanic around; the vessel has been struck. But if God brings revival—if we once again set our hearts and minds on Him—there is tremendous hope. God’s call is not to Hollywood, Washington, or the media, but to us. If “My people” turn back to God He will heal and restore.

As the moral and cultural war rages between our shores, the need to be awakened from our spiritual slumber has never been greater. “Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is tested” (Martin Luther).

One problem is silence in the pulpit. The silent pulpit is not God’s pulpit. Did you catch that? The silent pulpit is not God’s pulpit. World Magazine featured an article in their January 25th, 2014 edition entitled Still-silent Shepherds, which motivated me greatly and caused me to begin to speak out even more.

For example, tomorrow, on January 24, 2019, I’m scheduled to be on Spirited-debate with Lauren Green on Fox News. If all goes well, it should be available at the links below. The topic will center around the moral divide in America—no doubt from gay marriage to abortion. You can also search YouTube under Shane Idleman on Fox News for more clips.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Shane Idleman