‘Satanic Prayer’ Hotline Set Up as Joke by Man in Washington State Who Was Fed Up With Christians’ Evangelizing Receives Multiple Calls Requesting ‘Prayer’

A “Satanic prayer” hotline that was set up in Washington state as somewhat of a joke is reportedly being inundated with lots of calls.

Local intercessors, however, insist it’s better to stay focused on what God is doing, not what the devil is doing.

In a Saturday episode of NPR’s “This American Life” radio program, host Ira Glass recounted the activity of The Satanic Missionary Society, where, like Christian prayer hotlines, callers can phone in and leave voicemail messages requesting prayer.

The satanic prayer hotline, hosted on a blog, was launched by a man in Olympia, Washington, named Chris Allert, who doesn’t believe in God or Satan. Annoyed by Christians who wouldn’t stop evangelizing, he began the prayer line out of curiosity to see who would call. He soon found out people were taking prayers to Satan really seriously and was not sure what to do with that, Glass explained.

Those who call this hotline reportedly have the option to have their messages posted on the internet so others can pray to Satan on their behalf. With almost no publicity, voicemail messages soon started arriving, most of which ended with “Hail Satan.”

“Hello, satanists everywhere. I’m calling to put a hex on the 1230 Club in Olympia, Washington,” one message read, “[b]ecause they start blasting the music really early every night.”

“Please make the 1230 Club go out of business, but make sure everybody that works there goes deaf, like, from playing their music so loud first. Hail Satan,” the prayer request continued.

Another caller asking for satanic prayer requested help to acquire his first-ever job. Yet another called in to complain that he had been robbed and wanted whoever stole his belongings to suffer for it.

A teenage girl, called in with a “sticky situation’; she believed she might be pregnant.

“And I need you guys to pray against the pregnancy. And if there is a baby inside of me, for Satan to kill it. Because I can’t have a baby right now. So I’m turning to Satan, and he is the only answer I have right now. So I’m just overwhelmed. So call me when you get the chance. So thank you so much. Hail Satan, right? OK, thank you. Goodbye,” she said in her message.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter