Children’s Book Against Transgender Confusion is For Sale Again on Amazon After Public Pressure

A non-PC children’s book that pushes back against sexual confusion was banned from Amazon for a while but is now for sale again after public pressure.

The book is “No Dress for Timmy,” which tells the story of Timmy and schoolmate George, who tells Timmy he plans to dress as a princess for the school costume party.

Story book author Shefflorn Ballantyne picks up the story from there: Timmy talks over the confusing issue with his Christian parents and then decides to take a stand at school for truth and common sense.

“In Timmy’s mind, only girls can be princesses,” the author explains. “Boys cannot be [girls] and George is a boy.”

But the year is 2019 after all, when little boys are free to dance in front of grown men at a gay bar, so it was all inevitable that “No Dress” would trigger the vocal and well-organized LGBT activists.

Before it was even published, the author says Big Gay got wind of it and pressured Amazon to drop it.

“The LGBT community called for it to be banned,” he recalls. “They did not read this story. They did not have access to it. They saw a summary, a description of this story, and they saw what was coming.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Steve Jordahl