Study Finds Eating Fried Chicken Regularly Increases Risk of Early Death

How would you like your death: Regular, or extra early?

A new study links regular fried chicken consumption – one serving a week or more – to a 13 percent increased risk of premature death, at least among older women.

Researchers looked at nearly 107,000 postmenopausal women who tracked their diets in the 1990s for a nationwide study that followed them until 2017. But a fatal link to fried chicken may exist for other groups, too.

“We didn’t have any reason why the effects may differ by age, or even by gender,” Dr. Wei Bao, a University of Iowa epidemiologist who co-authored the study, told Time.

“I would suspect the association may be similar among younger women or even among men,” he added.

You knew fried chicken wasn’t exactly healthy. But, as Bao told the magazine, his study is one of the first to actually look at how fried foods affect deaths over time.

For example, the study found that older women with weekly fried chicken habits had a 12 percent higher chance of dying from a heart-related death.

A fish sandwich was hardly better: Those who ate fried fish weekly had a 7 percent higher risk of death overall but a 13 percent higher risk of heart-related death.

Americans love fried foods: About a third of us eat fast food on any given day, the Centers for Disease Control found, inhaling buckets of fried chicken, french fries and crispy fish.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Josh Hafner