There’s a Devil Loose: High School Student Exposed Sexual Relationship With Tennessee Teacher After She Refused to Pay Him $140 Blackmail

A 16-year-old Texas high school student allegedly exposed his tumultuous sexual relationship with a teacher after she refused to pay him $140, according to court documents.

Tennessee state officials released a more than 60 page document on Wednesday, documenting the relationship between the male student and 24-year-old Jasmine Edmonds.

The former Shelby County Schools teacher was accused of having sex with the teen, who is said to have outed the woman when she failed to pay up, WHBQ reports.

The two were said to be sexually involved from November 2017 until January 2018 and there were 240 text messages between the duo.

Text messages were included in the records, along with Facebook messages and and formal statements.

Text messages between the two indicate that Edmonds was not paying the money fast enough for the student, who became more and more aggressive as he demanded the money.

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Source: Daily Mail