Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists at Least $136 Million to Attack Jews in 2018

The Palestinian Authority spent at least NIS 502 million ($136.4 million)  on pay-to-slay payments to terrorist prisoners in 2018 alone, according to a report Thursday from the Israeli Research group Palestinian Media Watch.

PMW obtained a copy of the PA’s budget update and discovered that the government paid Palestinian terrorists hundreds of millions of shekels. The budget report does not indicate how the funds are allocated. However, PMW used the budget update and information from the Israeli Prison Service to find:

– At least NIS 230 million were used as salaries for terrorist prisoners

– At least NIS 176 million were used as salaries for released terrorist prisoners

– The remaining NIS 96 million was used for miscellaneous expenses and benefits for terrorists.

Those calculations only refer to PA payments to terrorist prisoners and released terrorist prisoners. They do not account for the money the PA pays to the families of dead or injured Palestinian terrorists.

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Source: CBN