Dr. Richard Land Calls on Christians to ‘Not Put Up With’ Attacks Against Christianity and Biblical Standards

A seminary leader is calling on Christians to stand up to those who want to silence them – but at the same time, to recognize that the real enemy is Satan.

The latest incident involves false allegations against a group of young people, including 16-year-old Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School, who were at last Friday’s March for Life in Washington, DC. The teenager was accused of mocking a Native American man by smiling at him. Since then, the group and the school have received death threats.

Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, contends it’s a product of secularists who are conducting an inquisition against people of faith.

“They are willing to do anything they can to harass, to intimidate, to punish anyone who departs from the party line,” he explains, “and anyone who says that there are biblical standards and biblical norms when it comes to sexuality, who want to educate their children in that way [and] who want to express their faith.”

Land notes that another recent example is the condemnation of Vice President Mike Pence’s wife for teaching at a private Christian school whose code of conduct for employees requires them to “live … personal life(s) of moral purity” – including no “homosexual or lesbian sexual activity.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Charlie Butts