Christian Humanitarian Organization World Help Hopes to Start Baking School in Thailand to Help Women Avoid Sex Trafficking Industry

A Christian humanitarian organization is hoping to start a baking school in Thailand as one way to help women avoid being forced into the sex industry.

By presidential proclamation, January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the U.S. “Through force, fraud, and coercion, traffickers push their victims into demeaning forms of abuse, including domestic servitude and commercial sexual exploitation,” says President Donald Trump’s December 31 proclamation. “It is a scourge on the global community.”

Indeed, that scourge is not limited to America. OneNewsNow spoke with Noel Yeatts, president of World Help, which is dealing with that issue in countries like India and Thailand. According to Yeatts, thousands of girls go to work every night in the red light districts in the beach resort city of Pattaya, Thailand. She explains the girls are often drawn to the big cities by the promise of economic opportunity – but soon find themselves working in bars.

“And they will start there working as a waitress or as a cashier,” she continues, “and one thing leads to another and before they know it they’re trapped doing work they never thought they would spend their life doing.”

World Help reports that more than 45,000 girls and young women work in the sex industry in Pattaya and the capital city of Bangkok alone.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas