Agnostic Writer for the Chicago Tribune Has Surprising God Moment

An agnostic columnist for the Chicago Tribune had a shocking experience and people are comparing it to the popular TV show God Friended Me.

Jerry Davich for the Chicago Tribune shared the confounding moment when the word “God” appeared on his phone as he picked it up in a hospital bathroom with his readers and social media followers.

In an article titled “‘God’ text befuddles this agnostic,” Davich recalls that he was standing in a hospital restroom, updating his fiancée via text about a loved one’s condition who been brought in for emergency surgery, when his phone slipped out of his hand.

Frustrated and worried that his screen may have cracked in the fall, Davich quickly flipped his phone over to look at the screen and when he did, he noticed a text, which he had not typed or spoken, was sent to his fiancée. Sprawled across his phone screen in a blue text bubble was “God.”

Davich said he was shocked to see God’s Name on his screen. He wrote, “I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself for a few seconds, quietly dumbfounded. Then I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Nope. I was alone. Or was I?” he asked.

Davich said that after the text went through to his fiancée, she texted him back with the praying hands emoji, so he quickly replied, telling her about what had happened.

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Source: Christian Headlines