Yolanda Adams Gives Advice for How to Guard Your Peace and Avoid Drama During Chaotic Times

Looking for ways to guard your peace and avoid drama at a time when things around us are increasingly chaotic? Multiple Grammy® Award-winning gospel singer, Yolanda Adams, is giving you some helpful advice.

As part of her “21 Days of Power” series, the “Through the Storm” songstress shared peace-protection techniques—one of them being staying quiet.

“Sometimes the best way to keep your peace is to keep silent,” she said in a video uploaded to her social media platforms Tuesday, Jan. 22. “When you respond to silliness, or when you respond to meanness, or unfair commentary, it makes your spirit, and your soul get ruffled. We don’t want you to get ruffled. Not at all.”

Philippians 4:7 promises that “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” That is, if you don’t get anxious, and you take your worries to Him in prayer—and stay removed from drama.

“Do what you have to [in order] to maintain that level of quietness and stillness, because there is where the peace comes from,” instructed the 57-year-old author of Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose.

According to Adams, guarding your peace “doesn’t mean that things around you won’t feel all [chaotic], because sometimes they do. But, again, you’re only responsible for your actions,” and cannot control what others do.

“Unfortunately,” she continued, “people will do things to make you react and respond. Do not respond in kind. Be the peace on this earth that you need to be, because right now … we need so much peace.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine, Felicia McKesson