Syrians Will Remember Israel’s ‘Operation Good Neighbor’ for Generations to Come

It was called “Operation Good Neighbor.” Since 2016, the Israel Defense Forces provided tons of food, powdered milk, fuel, and medical help to Syrians caught in the ravages of the Syrian civil war.

It was unique because Israel and Syria were technically enemy states.

Even for several years before the project was named, Israel was taking in thousands of wounded and sick Syrians over the border into the country for treatment.

CBN News covered the story almost from the beginning. But only recently when the project ended could Lt. Col. Eyal Dror, head of the IDF’s “Operation Good Neighbor” project, be interviewed on camera.

“One of the things that we have done is to help the (civilian) populations more than 250,000 civilian people living in the Quneitra region, people that educated (for) centuries to hate the State of Israel; people that didn’t know Israelis, but they’ve been educated to hate us,” Dror told CBN News.

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Source: CBN