State Judge Rules That Iowa’s Bill Banning Abortions After a Heartbeat Is Detected Is Unconstitutional

District Court Judge Michael Huppert ruled Tuesday that Iowa’s pro-life “fetal heartbeat” law is unconstitutional and may not be enforced.

The law would ban abortions once a baby’s heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into gestation. The law was passed last year and was supposed to take effect July 1.

Huppert wrote in his decision that defenders of the law did not present a compelling state interest that justifies banning most abortions after a baby’s heart starts beating; therefore, the law violates Iowa’s Constitution, Huppert ruled.

The state judge wrote that the law was counter to “both the due process and equal protection provisions of the Iowa Constitution as not being narrowly tailored to serve the compelling state interest of promoting potential life.”

Gov. Kim Reynolds, a pro-life Republican who signed the bill into law May 2018, is not happy about Huppert’s ruling.

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Source: CBN