China is Turning to Technology to Identify, Monitor, and Arrest Christians

Some experts suggest that by 2030, there could be nearly a quarter-billion Christians in China. Religion News Service photo by Matt Moir

It is getting worse for Christians in China, a country known for its open hostility of Christ followers.

Already a longtime persecutor of the Church, the Communist country is turning to technology to identify, monitor and arrest believers.

David Curry of Open Doors USA recently told the “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” radio program the government has been going high-tech, including facial recognition.

“They had a church shut down in Beijing in September because the church refused to put cameras on their pulpits,” Curry told the program. “[The church] knew that the Communist Party wanted to watch the Christians.”

OneNewsNow reported in a December story that a church pastor, Wang Yi, was among the members of Early Rain Covenant Church who were whisked away for being part of an illegal underground church.

“Those who interrogate me will finally be questioned and judged by Christ,” he wrote in a defiant letter penned before his arrest.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow, Bill Bumpas