Should Churches Support Single Christians Who Want to Adopt Children?

The Body of Christ should rally around single Christians who want to adopt because with the support of the wider church family, that child will grow up in a “very healthy family context,” an author and theologian said.

“Some single people in our churches will be in a position where they can adopt, and they’re going to need help with that,” Sam Alberry, apologist and writer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, said in a recent video posted by The Gospel Coalition. “The church really should be wanting to support and help people as they seek to do that.”

Because there are “always going to be more children needing adoption than there will be two parent families so you can take them,” it’s a “wonderful thing” if a single Christian is able to adopt, Alberry said, but it will take the backing and support of a church family “to do it really well.”

He pointed out that Psalm 68 states that “God sets the lonely in families” — and “that’s not primarily just talking about a biological nuclear family,” but the “people of God” as a whole.

“A single person may be thinking, ‘Well, I’m just a mum or I’m just a dad and I can’t do the role of both parents,’” he said. “But actually, with the support of the wider church family, that child should be growing up in a very, very healthy family context.”

It’s a “great thing” for Christian singles to adopt, the Why Bother with Church author said, but the church must rally alongside them.

“There’ll be areas where the single person is limited and the church can help,” he explained. “There will be people in the church who will be thinking, ‘Well, it wouldn’t be practical for me to adopt, but I could really help someone else who does.’ I hope it will be something the whole church family rallies around and gets behind.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett