Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill Could Get New Life in Missouri Legislature

Science could provide the most convincing argument in support of a Missouri Heartbeat Bill.

A Heartbeat Bill has been submitted in both houses of the Missouri legislature – one sponsored by Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Mo.), which bans abortions if a heartbeat can be detected, which is a concept blocked by a number of courts in the United States.

“It’s hard to argue if a person has a beating heart that they should be allowed live and not be killed – whether in the womb or outside the womb,” Koenig contended. “And so, I think it’s the right arguments, and I think if we have enough states that pass it, then maybe the courts will reconsider it.”

However, there is another argument that has come up contending that a woman should have the right to determine life or death for their preborn child – a concept often coined as “women’s reproductive rights.”

“If you say that you can kill a child in the womb because it’s less developed, then you can also say the same thing for a five-year-old,” the pro-life senator argued. “So clearly, development is not something that determines our humanity.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Charlie Butts