Planned Parenthood Clinics Killed 332,757 Babies in 2018

Abortion procedures performed at Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide increased to 332,757 in the latest reported year, as the company’s new president, Dr. Leana Wen, called abortion a “human right.”

The figure highlighted in the business’ latest annual report shows an increase of 11,373 abortions over the previous year’s report.

Wen, who’s the first physician to lead the company in its 50-year history, described abortion as being part of standard medical care and a “fundamental human right” in her message accompanying the annual report.

“Through all our work, we will continue to assert what we know to be true: Planned Parenthood services — from birth control to cancer screenings [Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms] to abortion — are standard medical care. Reproductive health care is health care. Women’s health care is health care. And health care is a fundamental human right,” Wen wrote in part.

The report showed abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood accounted for 3.4 percent of the medical services at the clinics, a 0.4 percent increase over the previous year.

In a previous interview with The Christian Post, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, explained how the company bills its services to claim that abortions only account for 3 to 10 percent of what they do.

“All of it boils down to how they bill for services,” Johnson said. “For example: an annual exam, Pap smear, gonorrhea and chlamydia tests, and seven packs of birth control account for one visit and are billed as 10 services. They unbundle for abortion, and count all services provided as one. We don’t really know what the true numbers are because of the bundling and unbundling.”

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. noted in a report published in 2015: “The calculation counts each ‘discrete clinical interaction’ as a separate ‘medical service,’ meaning simple tests or routine provision of birth control are given the same weight as surgical or chemical abortions. For example, if a woman in the course of a year receives a free condom, a pregnancy test, a sexually transmitted infection test, and an abortion, Planned Parenthood would say abortion was only 25 percent of the services provided.”

Wen, who emigrated from China with her parents as child, said her parents depended on food stamps and Medicaid and Planned Parenthood for health care.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair