Ex-Clinton Insider, Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Could Make a Run for President in 2020 Election

Terry McAuliffe
Getty Images

The maybes walking for the Oval Office could include Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton insider, former Virginia governor.

He says: “There are different sets of standards. We need education back to what it was. I gave quality teacher pay raises. We must correct today what happened yesterday. This country’s got a long way to go.

“Virginia has more confederate statues than anywhere, yet in Charlottesville people didn’t know who the hell Robert E. Lee was.

“Hatred’s a factor. Racism has existed forever. Comfortable burning synagogues? Feeling free to express bigotry? Start early teaching courtesy.”

How did America get like this? Where do we go from here?

“Though I have a son who recently returned from service, I know we’re split today. We must be America first. There are fault lines in our country.”

And he thinks to run for president is doable?

“It’s not easy — but I’m a heck of a fighter.”

About writing another book: “The jacket will be white and blue — not red.”

SOURCE: Page Six – Cindy Adams