Davey Blackburn of Resonate Church Resigns From Pastorate; Says It’s Hard to Manage Blended Family & Ministry After Death of First Wife 3 Years Ago

Some three years after the murder of his first wife inside their home and a year after he remarried, Pastor Davey Blackburn of Resonate Church in Indiana announced on Sunday that he is resigning from his church.

“It’s with a heavy heart, a nervous apprehension, a trusting spirit, and yet an excited anticipation for the future that I must announce that Kristi and I are stepping away as the leaders of Resonate Church. We are doing this in order to answer a call God has placed on our lives to help people from all over the world find purpose in their pain through Nothing is Wasted,” Blackburn announced.

Blackburn, whose first wife Amanda was fatally shot during a home invasion on Nov. 10, 2015, found love again with his current wife Kristi less than a year later and wed at the end of 2017.

As he grieved his wife’s passing, Blackburn tried to make sense of the death, saying, “God didn’t cause this to happen but he allowed it to happen in such a way, he allowed the breath of Amanda to come out of her so that the breath could be breathed into you and into me so that we could advance the Gospel in a way that history books have never even told.”

“And I believe it is going to come out of this house. I believe it is gonna come out of our house in Indianapolis. I believe in this region, God’s gonna do something from the crossroads of America that’s gonna scatter across America, and we’re going to see a revival like we have never seen before,” he added.

In his statement on Sunday, Blackburn said it had been difficult to manage his new blended family with Kristi, who has a daughter from a previous relationship, while trying to lead a church and two major ministry projects at the same time.

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Source: Christian Post