Agnostic Chicago Tribune Reporter Says He Experienced His Own ‘God Friended Me’ Moment

Chicago Tribune columnist Jerry Davich, a self-described agnostic, says he experienced his own “God Friended Me” moment when his phone randomly texted the word “God” during a moment of frustration.

Davich has made a career out of shining a light on society’s “darkest corners” while offering a “voice to the voiceless,” his bio says. He’s written thousands of articles and witnessed many things, but no experience up to this point has led him to seek God, he said.

“While standing over a sink in a hospital restroom, my iPhone slipped out of my hands and onto the floor,” Davich wrote in his latest column for the Chicago Tribune with the headline, “‘God’ text befuddles this agnostic.”

“I had just sent an update to my fiancée on a loved one’s emergency surgery. After drying my hands, and cursing about my feebleness, I leaned down and picked up my phone, hoping its screen didn’t crack,” he said.

“I quickly glanced at my phone and one word — God. — appeared out of nowhere on my end of our text exchange. I didn’t type it and I didn’t say it using my audio texting tool. It just popped up.”

The writer said he looked at his phone and the mirror in bewilderment. He looked around but didn’t see anyone else in the room.

“I was alone. Or was I?” Davich questioned.

“God? Of all the words that could have popped up out of the blue, it was God. Really? I don’t know how it got there. I don’t know why. And I’m not quite sure how to explain it.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law