9-Year-Old Boy From Tennessee Has a Big Heart for the Homeless

Logan Reed (left) and his dad, Scott Reed, display the “Blessing Bags” that Logan gives to the homeless in Shelbyville and Bedford County.

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (Baptist and Reflector) — Last year Logan Reed was in the backseat of his parents’ car when they stopped at a red light and saw a homeless person holding a sign.

He asked his dad about it and Scott Reed, pastor of Midland Heights Baptist Church, Shelbyville, responded the man did not have a home and needed money.

Reed recalled that his son told him, “Dad, we have to do something.”

And, they did. Not only did the Scott family help that homeless man that day by going to a local fast food restaurant and buying him a meal, Logan took it on as a personal ministry to help the homeless and those less fortunate.

He began making “Blessing Bags.” The bags contain gloves, socks, toiletries such as soap and toothpaste, granola bars and other snacks.

The bags are kept in his dad’s truck and his mom’s car so they are prepared when they see a homeless person.

And, it happens more often than you would expect in Bedford County and Shelbyville, his dad said.

“You don’t realize how large the homeless population is until you start looking,” he said.

The 9-year-old fourth grader said his desire is to help the people feel special and to know the love of Jesus.

When possible, Reed or his wife Stephanie pull to a safe location and walk with Logan up to the homeless person so Logan can personally give him or her the bag.

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Source: Baptist Press