Ranchers Worry about Rising Crime on the Arizona-Mexico Border

With Democrats in Congress and the White House both refusing to budge on border security, illegal immigrant apprehensions are up dramatically along the southwest border. CBN News correspondent Chuck Holton recently returned from Arizona, where he asked local residents and law enforcement about what’s really happening on the border.

Warner Glenn’s family first settled here along the Arizona-Mexico border in 1896.

At 83 years old, Glenn works the ranch each day and is well known throughout the area. He says illegal immigrants have always been a part of the landscape.

“We moved down here in ’62.” He told CBN News. “And at that time, there would be two or three illegals coming through looking for work and all the ranchers worked them. They were wonderful for hard labor type work and good cowboys if you needed a cowboy.”

“But I tell you nowadays,” He continued, “The few that are coming through are pretty hard-core, and especially the drug guys.”

And now residents on the border are seeing an overall rise in crime.

Glenn said, “When they come back if they go by a residence and there’s nobody there, they are going to go in and look around. And firearms, top of the list, any kind of jewelry, top of the list, cash, top of the list…”

Another cowboy, Billy Grossman agreed. “We don’t lock the doors because they’d just break the window anyway.”

Grossman lives in the same area, and illegal crossers have entered his home a number of times. He recently caught a smuggler trying to steal his truck.

“I brought him back to the house,” Grossman recounted. “And then my wife called the sheriff, and the sheriff and border patrol come up and got him and then we went back to my pickup and there was a bale of marijuana in the back of my pickup and he had stolen a lot of stuff from the house.”

But petty theft isn’t what worries these old cowboys the most.

Glenn says it would be nothing for a terrorist from ISIS to cross the border and hike up through the mountains undetected.

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Source: CBN