Boys from Kentucky Catholic High School Who Reportedly ‘Taunted’ Native American Veteran Also Wore Blackface to Basketball Match vs. Black Players

At another event in 2015, more students wore blackface and jeered as an African American player from the school's opponent stood in front of them.
At another event in 2015, more students wore blackface and jeered as an African American player from the school’s opponent stood in front of them.

The Kentucky Catholic high school whose students were filmed taunting a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday have been called out for allowing other youngsters to wear black face at pep rallies in the last 10 years.

Covington Catholic High School has shuttered its website, Facebook page and disconnected its phone since a video of its students at the memorial went viral over the weekend.

It has not commented on the footage which it posted on its YouTube account last January.

It is titled ‘Compilation video of the Colonel Crazies from over the past decade. With a Spirit that Will Not Die!’

There are several images of students attending Braveheart Marches, dressed in hunting clothes and at various other themed parties.

Among them are photographs and videos from a 2011 event called ‘blackout’ in which at least one student has painted their entire upper bodies with black paint.

At a 2012 event titled ‘Hillshire Farm’, two students were covered in it.

While the students painted their bodies with blue and white paint at a Braveheart event, there were no photographs of anyone with their bodies painted blue at the ‘blue out’ event.

In the viral video from the weekend, the students jeered and taunted Nathan Philips, 64, a Native American man as he beat his drum in front of them.

The students had been called names by a different group of protesters beforehand and tensions were running high.

Nick Sandmann, one of the students, has been singled out for standing in front of Philips and appearing to block his path. Sandmann said he was trying to diffuse the situation whereas Philips, who says he is a Vietnam veteran, said he was terrified during the entire ordeal.

The school quickly criticized the students’ for their behavior in a joint statement with the Diocese of Covington, saying: ‘ We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general.

‘We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips.’

SOURCE: Jennifer Smith
Daily Mail