Black Man Wearing MAGA Hat Reports Hooters Waitress to the Manager for Walking Away When He Told Her He Supported Trump

A black man wearing a Make America Great Again hat tried to shame a Hooters waitress who asked him if he was a Trump supporter.

YouTube personality Tommy Sotomayor, who calls himself the ‘King of Controversy’ and has been criticized in the past for his videos about black women, filmed an encounter with the black waitress last week.

In the video, Sotomayor goes up to a table – later revealed to be his own party – and tells them the waitress walked up to him and asked if he was a Trump supporter.

Sotomayor tells the table he said yes, claiming she then flipped her hair and walked away from him.

‘Y’all see that young lady right there? Excuse me ma’m, what’s your name so we can know?’ he says, walking up to the waitress.

‘Shay,’ she replies.

‘Hi Shay, say hello,’ he says, pointing the camera at her face.

‘No!’ she replies, turning her head away.

‘That’s Shay,’ Sotomayor continues, walking back to his party. ‘Let me tell y’all what happened with Shay. Now Shay is a waitress for Hooters. Shay walked up to me, saw my hat, and said “Are you a Trump supporter?” while on her job.’

‘So this is what I was trying to tell y’all about how, for some reason, our women act like being professional just ain’t nothing they gotta do,’ he continued.

‘Cause I don’t care what kind of hat I had on, if you are servicing the people would you then look at a person and say “Do you support Trump?”‘

‘And then, when I said “yes” she…’ he continues, flipping his head back for dramatic effect and appearing to indicate she walked away from him.

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Source: Daily Mail