Black Christian Leaders Call on Department of Health and Human Services to Abolish Office of Population Affairs for Funding Contraceptive Programs Responsible for ‘Genocide’ in Their Communities

Rev. Dean Nelson, founder of the Douglass Leadership Institute, (R) speaks during the Sudden Uprising conference held at Emmanuel Church of God in Christ in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 18, 2019. To his right stands Catherine Davis, who heads the Georgia-based Restoration Project. | PHOTO: THE CHRISTIAN POST

Black Christian pastors, doctors and lawyers are calling on the Department of Health and Human Services to abolish its Office of Population Affairs, an entity that they say is responsible for funding contraceptive programs that are partly responsible for a “genocide” in their communities.

In the aftermath of the 2019 March for Life, dozens gathered at Emmanuel Church of God in Christ in Southeast D.C. Friday evening for the “Sudden Uprising” conference to speak out against abortion and to call for an end to federal birth control and contraceptive funding that they argue has helped reduce the African-American population to below replacement level.

The conference was held to introduce a new report outlining the history of federal Title X family planning funding and its ties to the eugenics movement.

The document is critical of the federal government’s complicity in funding contraceptive programs that were more concerned about population control than the side effects, diseases or damage to women’s reproductive system associated with the forms of contraception being given to women by clinics.

The report was produced by The Douglass Leadership Institute, a D.C.-based national education and public policy nonprofit dedicated to issues of life, free market principles and limited government, in conjunction with the Georgia-based Restoration Project and the National Black Pro-Life Coalition.

The report’s target is the HHS Office of Population Affairs, which is housed in the HHS Office of Public Health and Science. The office was created in 1970 during the term of President Richard Nixon to administer Title X funding, which was created to “provide access to contraceptive services, supplies, and information to all who want and need them.”

In 2018, the office administered $286,479,000 in Title X appropriated funds.

“The reality many policymakers do not want to face is that the contraceptive methods that are most effective in preventing pregnancy — and thus pushed aggressively by many Title X-funded clinics — also increase women’s risk of both contracting dangerous or even fatal STD’s and facing long-term fertility challenges,” the report reads.

“This report will demonstrate that when faced with the choice between lower birthrates and women’s health, the Office of Population Affairs has consistently chosen policies and programs which prioritize the reduction of poor and minority birth rates over the reproductive health of poor and minority women.”

The report comes as fertility in the United States is nearing its historic low, while sexually transmitted disease infection rates are reaching record highs.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith