California Elementary School Causes a Stir Among Parents for Wanting to Highlight Child Molester and Homosexual Harvey Milk in New Curriculum

An elementary school in California has caused a stir among parents because it wants to highlight homosexual Harvey Milk as a champion of civil rights to be studied and admired for his honesty – starting by third graders.

Milk was the first openly gay politician elected in California.

California Family Council Director of Capitol Engagement Greg Burt contends that it is absurd to make Milk a hero because he would never be hired as a teacher today due to his sexual relationships with minors.

“He would never be allowed to teach as a hired teacher,” Burt pointed out. “Schools have standards. They do background checks. They would never allow somebody who has a background for sexually being involved with teenagers [to] ever be a teacher.”

Burt explained that it is up to the Elk Grove School Board and other school districts to decide on the curriculum to be used to comply with a state law requiring schools to highlight the accomplishments of LGBTQ citizens.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bob Kellogg