Blizzard to Dish Out Up to 40 Inches of Snow in Northeastern U.S. as Dangerous Ice Storm Takes Aim Farther South

A storm with feet of snow, blizzard conditions, a significant build-up of ice, tree-breaking winds and plunging temperatures will close roads, cause flight cancellations and disrupt daily activities over a large part of the northeastern United States this weekend.

The storm is not likely to last more than 18-24 hours anywhere, but it will hit hard and fast. The storm will progress quickly from west to east across the region spanning Saturday and Saturday night.

A state of emergency, with travel restrictions, has been declared for Pennsylvania by Gov. Tom Wolf and for New Jersey by Gov. Phil Murphy for the storm.

The storm will end from west to east from Saturday night to Sunday evening although bands of heavy lake-effect snow will continue off lakes Erie and Ontario through Monday.

While the storm will hit and leave during the extended Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, some schools that are not closed on Monday may be forced to do so due to the prevailing dangerous cold, blowing and drifting snow and icy road conditions. Participants in the Women’s March 2019 may have difficulties venturing to, heady home from and during activities due to the storm.

Crews may struggle to get all roads free of snow by Tuesday in the hard-hit snow and ice locations. In some areas, conditions may still be unsafe for school buses and students to be outdoors.

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SOURCE: Alex Sosnowski