A Man and his Husky Wearing Shades on a Motorcycle Turn Heads while Cruising on a Nevada Highway

A man was filmed travelling down a Las Vegas highway on his motorbike – with his pet husky.

The short video clip, which was shot from another car, shows the dog, called Sox, clinging onto his owner as he adorably rests his paws on the man’s shoulders.

Both the man and the canine have been pictured before riding around together with Sox looking over the moon as he rests his head on his owner’s shoulders wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Video shows a man and his dog driving down a road in Nevada on a motorcycle
Sox is a seasoned motorcyclist and knows that he need to hold on to survive!
Sox the Motorcycle Riding Husky has an Instagram account with more than 12,000 followers
The site of a husky on the back of a bike still manages to turn heads wherever they roam
Other drivers on the road are so intrigued they also manage to snap pictures of the pair
Sox, the canine, adorably rests his head and his paws on his owner’s shoulders

Sox also has his own Instagram account that showcases the duo’s travels together.

‘My mom saw this on the freeway today,’ one user posted along with a 15-second video showing Sox using his front paws to hold. ‘For those of you wondering … yes Sox has made it safely to his destination.’

The footage of this latest journey has been viewed more than 1.5 million.

‘Not only is he a good boy but he’s a cool boy,’ one reply read.

Sox travels the U.S. on the back of his bike with his master, Hooman, left
The dog has traveled more than 59,000 miles in the last six years. Here he is pictured in Hawaii
In November, the pair journeyed to the northwest and Glacier National Park in Montana

Sox is seasoned when it comes to riding pillion on the back of his masters bike.

According to his Instagram page, Sox has notched more than 59,000 miles over the last six years.

‘Inspiring dog lovers to do more with their dogs!’ reads the page, which has more than 12,500 followers.

Other photos on the account feature Sox in a variety of locales, including Utah, Nevada, Washington state, Death Valley National Park and even a trip to New York’s Citi Field last September.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, James Gordon