Activist Shaun King Addresses Rumors and Lies Damaging His Reputation

I try not to do this, but this morning I need to spend a few minutes addressing some very personal attacks and lies that were lobbed against me online. I was literally a top trending topic for most of the day yesterday and just want to address it all head on, because the Tom Joyner Morning Show is like family and I need you all to know the truth on this.

Listen, as we head into MLK Day, it does help me to remember that all of our leaders have endured lies and hate and slander. Knowing that in theory is one thing, but enduring it is altogether different.

People tell so many lies about me online – that it has just become a daily part of my life to endure them and push through, but a few months ago, we started noticing that some of the lies were not just out of hand, and outrageous, but that they were actually doing real damage to my reputation and livelihood.

And while some people kept advising me to not even address them, or to not even dignify them with a response, the lies just grew and grew and grew, and the damage did as well.

And over the past month in particular the lies have spiraled out of control.

So, I hired four attorneys, India Sneed, Ben Crump, Lee Merritt, and Ron Sullivan to help me to start addressing each lie, one by one, case by case, because it is actually illegal to slander or libel someone with falsehoods.

So, we’ve created a list of people who’ve posted the most damaging lies online, and are just going down the list, one by one, sending them cease and desist orders, demanding that they delete their lies and retract them publicly, or we will proceed with a lawsuit against them.

Again, people say “Shaun – why even address these lies?” But people are canceling speaking engagements over these lies. Colleagues of mine are confronting me over these lies. Families affected by police brutality are calling me in tears because people are telling them these lies.

So let me address the first three of them here.

The first one that has gone completely viral is that I raised money for Cyntoia Brown, the young sister in Tennessee who was just granted clemency, that I raised money for her, and have kept the money. This lie was first posted on the night she was granted clemency, and has since spread across the internet. Now if that was true, that would be pretty damn ugly. And people are pissed. And if I did that, people should be pissed.

But here’s what’s wild, not only did I not keep money I raised for Cyntoia Brown, I never even raised money for Cyntoia Brown. I don’t even know who raised money for her. I had nothing to do with any fundraisers for her. It’s all a complete fabrication.

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SOURCE: Black America Web