Nebraska Elementary School Principal Who Banned All Things Christmas-Related Resigns

A Nebraska elementary school principal who sent an internal memo to teachers warning them not to use any Christmas-related messaging and activities in the classroom in December has resigned.

Jennifer Sinclair, the principal at Manchester Elementary School in Elkhorn, has agreed to step down as school principal following her placement on administrative leave last month after she issued the guidance to teachers.

The internal memo outlined several holiday-related displays, objects, and activities that teachers were banned from using, handing out or assigning during the Christmas season.

Sinclair’s memo, which she signed as the “the (Unintentional) Grinch who stole Christmas,” listed many things that teachers should stay away from including the use of Christmas-related clip art on worksheets, placing Christmas trees in the classrooms, using Christmas-related books and singing Christmas carols with students.

The memo also warned teachers not to give candy canes to students. Sinclair claimed in the document that candy canes are shaped in a “J for Jesus” and that the red is for the “blood of Christ” and “white is a symbol of his resurrection.”

On Monday, the Elkhorn Public School Board unanimously accepted Sinclair’s resignation letter, according to an international social conservative legal group that opposed Sinclair’s memo.

“Due to the level of attention that Sinclair’s memo received, Sinclair and the district stand united that it is in the best interest of Manchester Elementary that she not resume the principal position,” Elkhorn Public Schools Superintendent Bary Habrock wrote in the email that was sent to parents and staff.

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SOURCE: Christmas Post, Samuel Smith