Public University in Ohio Lets People Use Whatever Bathroom ‘They Deem They Need to Use’ and Converts 23 Restrooms Into ‘All-Gender’ Bathrooms to Create More ‘Inclusive Environment’

A public university in Ohio is letting people use whatever bathroom facility “they deem they need to use” in order to create a more “inclusive environment” and has also converted nearly two dozen restrooms into “all-gender” bathrooms.

Wright State University in Dayton has granted “universal access,” allowing “individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression” in order to comply with the university’s discrimination policy and its interpretation of Title IX law.

The university’s Office of LGBTQA Affairs lays out protections for trans-identified people in a web page titled “Trans at Wright State.”

On the page, the office states that the university strives to support and value all members of the campus community. To that end, it says that providing “safe, accessible, and convenient restroom facilities” is “one aspect of creating an inclusive environment.”

The university also notes that some people experience “difficulty, inconvenience, and a lack of safety” when trying to use a gender-specific bathroom. It also states that transgender individuals can be “subject to harassment or violence when using men’s or women’s restrooms.”

“We allow people to use the restroom facility they deem they need to use,” the webpage explains.

According to an online resource from the pro-LGBT organization GLESN that was linked to by the university website, gender expression is defined as “the multiple ways (e.g., behaviors, dress) in which a person may choose to communicate gender to oneself and/or to others.”

The Christian Post reached out to Wright State for clarification on its “universal access” policy. A response is pending.

The university website also explains that 23 restrooms in different buildings across the campus were converted to “all-gender” bathrooms as part of the university’s “All-Gender Restroom Expansion Project.” The bathrooms were all converted by Dec. 19.

“In some instances, a designated all-gender restroom may contain multiple stalls,” the webpage reads. “For those who do not wish to use an all-gender single stall or all-gender multi-stall restroom, there will be gendered restrooms located in every building.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith