WATCH: Oklahoma Father-of-Five Praises God as Family and Childhood Bible Are Saved After His Truck Caught Fire Near Their Home Just Weeks Before Christmas

An Oklahoma father of five is still singing praises to God after the horn of his truck, which caught fire next to his home with his children inside, went off in time to warn them of the danger.

When firefighters were able to put out the blaze, they found the man’s childhood Bible inside the truck unscathed by the flames.

“God has made it to my eyes that I should be grateful for being alive,” the father, Steven Gaut, told Fox 6 in an interview after the fire that occurred on Dec. 9.

“God sent his angels,” Gaut also wrote on a Facebook fundraiser that raised almost $5,000 to assist his family.

“My truck was parked 2 feet away from the house. If it wasn’t for the horn blowing the house would’ve gone too. The Vinita Fire Department had to pry the Bible that was in a cloth cover. My Bible was in great shape and the cover was in bad shape,” he continued.

In his message on the Facebook fundraiser, Gaut said he was hiding Christmas gifts in the garage of his home when his oldest son heard the horn of his truck go off.

“The kids were in their rooms playing. Got my Dad to watch the kids so I went [and] got some dog food from Atwoods. Got home and was putting gifts in my garage. I was out there for a few minutes and my oldest son heard a horn honking in front of the house. He looks out the window and sees my truck on fire. He immediately comes to the garage to tell me about it. I call 911. By the time I got to the truck it was totally engulfed with flames,” Gaut said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair