Proud Papa: Pat Mahomes II Reflects on His Son’s Meteoric Rise and Success in NFL


After a historic year for Patrick Mahomes, his father reflects on the boy he raised to be one of the NFL’s hottest young stars.

If one were to search for Pat Mahomes on the internet, they would likely see endless stories on the historic season of Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Only a few years ago, the name that would come up on a search of that name would be Pat Mahomes II, former pitcher in the MLB. However, Pat is happy to see his son take the sports world by storm.

Mahomes was not always set for football greatness. Mahomes II would not even let his son play football as a kid, out of fear of his son getting hurt. However, Patrick proved to be a natural athlete and when he did begin playing football, he proved to be a natural at the quarterback position.

From Whitehouse to Lubbock and now to Kansas City, Mahomes’ rise is nothing short of remarkable. However, the elder Mahomes says that sudden rise to fame has not gone to his son’s head.

Patrick remains the humble teammate. Though he had an MVP-worthy season, it is not his intention to grab the spotlight. He prefers to be the best teammate possible, doing what is necessary to put his team in position to win each week.

As Patrick prepares for his first NFL postseason game, Pat Mahomes believes win or lose, the future is bright for his son.

SOURCE: CBS 19 – Brian Boes