Female Corrections Officer Arrested for Having Sex With Multiple Inmates at Texas Jail

Sinead Hagan
Sinead Hagan

A corrections officer in Hopkins County, Texas who had already been accused of having sex with an inmate was arrested for the second time Thursday after investigators allegedly found damning video evidence of her with a second inmate.

Sinead Hagan, 27, was arrested on Jan. 3, when Hagan was first accused of having sex with an inmate. After the Texas Rangers started to look into this, investigators said they found video proof of Hagan having sex with a second inmate, Sheriff Lewis Tatum said.

Hagan was arrested again on Jan. 10, and now faces two charges of  improper sexual activity with person in custody.

Authorities said that they were actually looking for evidence regarding the first sexual encounter when they uncovered the second incident. It’s not clear at this time how much time behind bars Hagan could face. She is currently being held on $20,000 bond.

This is far from the only incident of its kind in recent memory.

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SOURCE: Matt Naham
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