Small Church in Goliad, Texas, Demonstrates a Big Heart by Bringing Joy and Hope to People in Need

The “Give-Back” event at Minnehulla Baptist Church in Goliad provides a clothes closet for students. (Photo courtesy of Minnehulla Baptist Church)

A 65-member congregation in a town of 2,000 is committed to making a difference in the world.

Members of Minnehulla Baptist Church in Goliad demonstrate a willingness to give themselves away to show God’s love locally and globally, Pastor Ira E. Antoine Jr. said.

By meeting needs ranging from food vouchers for the hungry to school supplies for public school students, the church seeks to “bring joy and hope” to people in need, he noted.

Ira Antoine

“Our church is in a rural area. We have one grocery store where our people purchase food and other supplies,” Antoine said.

Minnehulla Baptist Church works with the local grocery to give $25 food vouchers to people in food-insecure households. The church also enables people to secure essential supplies such as cleaning products, but vouchers cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

“Our voucher program has three goals,” Antoine explained. “We want to help those in need with food vouchers, be a service to others, and to bring joy and hope to people.”

To enhance the church’s visibility and public witness, youth from the congregation volunteer at the store sacking groceries.

The church works in partnership with two local organizations, Goliad Ministries Alliances and Goliad Food Pantry, as well as with other congregations to reduce food insecurity in its area.

Churches around the state also have a role in the hunger-fighting ministries of Minnehulla Baptist Church through their gifts to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, which support hunger relief and development ministries in 30 countries and in communities throughout Texas.

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Source: Baptist Standard