Lauren Daigle Says She Wouldn’t Necessarily Label Herself as a Christian Artist

Lauren Daigle, Billboard Music Award’s 2017 Top Christian Artist of the Year, said in a radio interview last week that she wouldn’t necessarily label herself as a Christian artist.

This decision comes following several choices from last year that landed Daigle in hot water. The singer first faced criticism when she appeared on the Ellen Show and later for skirting around a question about her stance on LGBT rights in a radio interview.

The popular singer, who is typically considered to be a Christian artist, met with Dave Styles from 104.3 MYfm last week to talk about her success in mainstream culture.

During the interview, Style asked Daigle how she would define herself as an artist – meaning would she consider herself a Christian artist or simply just an artist. He said, “You are known, as far as your music, you’re known as more of a Christian artist but now with all of this mainstream, I mean you’re here, you’re at MYfm.”

He asked, “What do you call yourself? How do you name yourself? Do you call yourself still, a Christian artist?”

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Source: Christian Headlines