Kevin Hart Says He Will Not Host the Oscars Because He Doesn’t Have Enough Time to Prepare

Kevin Hart confirmed that he will not host the Oscars during an unapologetic interview on Wednesday morning where he said he was ‘over’ discussing his homophobic tweet and had ‘nothing to prove’ to anyone.

The comedian appeared on Good Morning America where he repeatedly said he would no longer ‘give energy’ to the controversy which led to him stepping down as the host of next month’s 91st Academy Awards.

Stone-faced, he said: ‘I am done with it. It gets no more energy.

‘For the last time, I am done addressing this. There is no more conversation about it.

‘I’m done with it, I am over it.’

Asked how he had evolved since his 2009-2010 tweets about ‘f*gs’ and disowning his son if he ever came out as gay, Hart would not be drawn.

‘I’m a good person. If you don’t see that, it’s a problem with you.  I shouldn’t have to prove who I am, I shouldn’t have to prove the levels of love that I am capable of giving.

‘If anybody out there wants to think that Kevin Hart is such a monster that he wouldn’t love someone because of their choice in life, then all power to ’em,’ he said, giving his only promise throughout the interview that he was not homophobic as accused.

‘I am not over-delivering it, I am not overproving it because you find yourself in a position where it still won’t be received and you go, “What else do you want?

“‘You want blood? You want my arms?”‘ he went on.

He would not agree to do the Oscars again, he said, because there was now not enough time left for him to prepare.

The Awards are being held on February 24, six weeks from now.

‘I am not hosting the Oscars this year… right now, from a time perspective, I don’t have the time.

‘You’re talking about two weeks that I would have to prepare,’ he said.

‘I like to call myself a perfectionist. I would want to make sure the production is a great representation of me and my talent.

‘I can’t do it this year, it’s not going to happen, in the future if it does it does but it’s not the conversation of today.’

Hart said that the backlash Ellen DeGeneres received for supporting him proved that there was ‘no ending’.

‘If you keep feeding this energy, then it’s going to grow,’ he said.

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Source: Daily Mail