Communication Expert Gives Three Simple Tips That Will Help you Get Your Dream Job

Richard has advised people to think of other times they have been successful, which will help them to achieve their goal again

If you’re looking to land your dream job in 2019, help is at hand as an expert has revealed his tips for making an impact.

Richard Newman – who focuses on non-verbal communication – has revealed three easy techniques for sharing your ideas more effectively in 2019, and some are as simple as changing your posture.

Richard himself has gone from being a shy child to an international keynote speaker focusing on the science of communication, with his research published in the Journal of Psychology.

He says humans were born to speak and should adopt a few simple changes to help share their ideas more effectively and feel more confident.

Here, Richard exclusively tells FEMAIL the three areas you must focus on in job interviews, presentations and pitches if you want to succeed: style, story and state.

Communication expert Richard Newman, pictured, underwent a major U-turn when he went from a shy child to international speaker, and he tells Femail how he changed his ways

1. Style

Many people have distracting habits. You can become more influential by returning to the way you were born to speak.

When you stand to give a presentation avoid foot-shuffling, tilting, leaning or aimless wandering. All of these things distract the listeners and make you appear weak.

Don’t lean in to push your point forward as it can appear desperate. Leaning back can seem too casual or look defensive, putting you ‘on the back foot’.

When you have something important to say stand your ground by keeping your weight centred. This will increase your presence and ‘gravitas’.

Communication expert, Richard Newman, has insisted there are three tips to achieving success; style, story and state. One factor that can help is a person’s posture

2. Story

Our minds switch off when we see countless slides filled with data, but so many people start a meeting with a bad slide-deck and wonder why the room stops listening. You can engage your clients, team or manager by using the power of storytelling.

Great movies don’t start with the hero. It would be weird to see Batman walking around Gotham City saying ‘Does anyone have any problems I can fix?’

Instead stories start with a challenge. You can do the same with your ideas. Start by explaining a challenge that everyone cares about, to get them hooked from the start.

Next you need to describe a better future, where the problem does not exist. You could even ask people, ‘What are you aiming to achieve?’ before explaining how you will help them to achieve it.

Use the power of three. Aladdin, Scrooge, Musketeers – they all use the rule of three in their storytelling. If Aladdin was given 68 wishes we would all switch off! So limit your message to three key ideas.

3. State

It doesn’t matter how good your style and storytelling are if you choke under pressure. You must ensure you can perform at your best in the key moments of your life.

Anxiety comes from imagining a negative future. So flip anxiety upside-down. Imagine the event going exactly as you wish it to go. This gives your mind a positive focus and makes you more likely to get the result you want.

Tense and release – if you feel tension building up in your body you cannot simply tell your shoulders to ‘relax!’ However, if you increase the tension in that area and then release it you will allow stress to leave your body.

Prime your mind by thinking about past successes. By remembering events that went well you will nudge your mind into a peak state.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, by Maisie Bovingdon