Young Black Man Is Placed in a Medically-induced Coma After He Was Stamped on and Kicked in the Head and Neck as He Tried to Split Up a Fight at His Own Birthday Party on New Year’s Day

An Ohio teen has been placed in a medically induced coma after trying to break up a fight at his 19th birthday party on New Year’s Day.

Matthew Gullat was celebrating with friends at a Fairfield Inn in Toledo, Ohio, when a fight broke out in the parking lot.

Police said around 10 people were involved in the fight.

According to Gullat’s cousin, Danielle Brown, 18, a male in a car became irate after she said hello to another passenger in the vehicle.

The male, whom a passenger referred to as ‘Day Day’, didn’t calm down, asking: ‘What they on?’ before starting a fight with one of the males Brown was with.

Gullat then tried to intervene before being slammed to the group by the two males from the car.

The 19-year-old was then badly beaten, with a police report indicating that he was stamped on and kicked on the head and neck as he lay on the ground.

‘Day Day’ continued his assault until Gullat’s girlfriend, Savannah Parker, intervened, and ‘Day Day’ then struck her on her back about three times, police said

Gullat’s cousin, Danielle Brown then reportedly lay on Matthew’s body to protect him as the suspects drove around a few times before fleeing the scene.

A witness told police they saw ‘needing help from his friends to stand.’

When police arrived they observed that Matthew was ‘out of it’ but already being helped by paramedics.

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Source: Daily Mail